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Tour Changes & Cancellations

If you cannot make a scheduled tour and it is within three (3) days of the reservation, please immediately call 425.392.1118 to leave a message to let us know that your group will not be coming.

FISH will make every effort to accommodate your group; however, we cannot change reservations within three (3) business days of a scheduled tour. If you must change your tour time, please do so at least three (3) days beforehand.

We appreciate this information in order to respect the time of our valuable volunteers, many of whom take time off from work to come lead tours at the hatchery. We are thankful for our dedicated team of docents who make this experience possible for the thousands who take our tours annually.

If you would like to reschedule a canceled tour for a later date, and that date is at least three (3) days after the originally scheduled date, please contact us for availability and we will try to accommodate your group.

Planning Your Tour — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
  • During the fall, visitors will view adult salmon spawning in Issaquah Creek, the fish ladder and hatchery holding ponds. There are also exhibits, a native plant garden and wetland for visitors to enjoy. Each visit to the hatchery provides new and fascinating experiences. FISH encourages patrons to visit several times a year to view the various stages of the salmon life cycle.