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FISH offers myriad educational programs that teach about Pacific salmon, watershed functions, and hatchery operations.

There are opportunities for classroom presentations and taking FISH to your science fair, summer camps and programs for youth groups, and free lending resources.

FISH’s School Program Goal is to cultivate a sense of wonder about salmon and provide expertise to students and teachers who are learning about salmon and watersheds.

Grades Pre-K to 6
Primarily for elementary school students who are preparing to visit the hatchery in the fall. The presentation consists of a slideshow reviewing the Pacific salmon life cycle, along with their habitat needs, predators and challenges, the value of watersheds, and hatchery operations.

EnviroScape® Grades 2-12
Students see how pollution can impact watersheds through a hands-on demonstration. The EnviroScape® makes complex issues seem simple, helping people prevent water pollution in their own communities.


Want to bring salmon science to your classroom?

  COST: In order to help us cover increased transportation and supplies costs, we are requesting a $150 fee for our in-class presentations for visits within King County and $300 for areas outside of King County. If you are a title one school or require reduced pricing please contact:

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For more information about these presentations, please contact the FISH Program Coordinator at 425.392.1118 or