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Salmon Educational Video Series

Grades 5-8: Salmon Education Video Series

This series is provided courtesy of our wonderful friends at the Mountains to Sound Greenway Education Program, whose programs we encourage you to learn more about and explore.

This series of salmon education videos is called Forest & Fins. It is designed for students in grades 5 through 8. With each video, we cover one of the life cycles of Pacific Northwest salmon as well as a topic related to salmon and their environment. These topics include:

  • Elements of a healthy salmon stream
  • Identifying native and non-native plants in your area
  • Macroinvertebrates
  • How to measure water quality (temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, phosphate and turbidity)
  • Current threats to salmon in nature
  • How salmon provide essential nutrients to the forest ecoysystem, and
  • How you can be a steward for salmon in your day-to-day life

Several of these videos include downloadable worksheets with accompanying activities for students.

Your lesson plan begins below…

Your Video Series Lesson Plan

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