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Book a FISH Speaker

Book a FISH Speaker

When normal operations resume, we welcome the opportunity to speak to your group about the amazing Pacific salmon life cycle, hatchery operations, and FISH.

Talks are suitable for a variety of audiences, including senior groups, high school science classes and civic clubs, and can be tailored to match the audience’s interests, ages and time limitations (although the standard presentation is 45 minutes).

Speaking engagements are subject to staff and volunteer availability – generally we do not visit groups in the fall because of our already busy schedule.

We request a $50 donation per presentation.

However, if this is prohibitive, we are happy to work within your budget. Donations are appreciated as they help defray travel and other costs.

Book a FISH Speaker
FISH educational talks usually consist of a slideshow presentation and a question-and-answer period. They are provided either by a FISH staff member or a master docent (a trained volunteer with extensive experience and knowledge about Pacific salmon, hatchery practices and FISH).

For more information or to book a speaker, please contact our Education Coordinator at 425.392.1118 or