Storming the Sound!

Over 1700 students from 24 schools in Federal Way descended on West Hylebos Park over the course of four days to release the smolts they raised in their classrooms and celebrate the lives of salmon. The collaboration between the city public works department and public schools creates an opportunity for students to dive deeper into the environmental, cultural, and economic significance of salmon to enrich the release of the ones they grew to know and love! We had the pleasure of introducing students to the ins and outs (literally) of coho salmon anatomy with a dissection. Alongside the students, it was a fantastic space for organizations to come together and connect. Just to name a few, some of the represented organizations included King County, Orca Conservancy, Long Live the Kings, Puget Sound Wildcare, among many others. Thanks to Katie, Grace, and Louise for their effort and support.

Kokanee Day Image 2024