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Classroom Presentations

Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (FISH) strives to cultivate a sense of wonder about salmon and provide expertise to students and teachers who are learning about salmon and watersheds. Have a FISH staff member make a presentation to your classroom to prepare for a visit to the hatchery, or as an entertaining and informative stand alone unit. 


Pre-K to Grade 6

Primarily for elementary school students who are preparing to visit the hatchery in the fall. The presentation consists of a slideshow reviewing the Pacific salmon life cycle, along with their habitat needs, predators and challenges, the value of watersheds, and hatchery operations.


Grades 2-12

Explore the way that humans impact our local watersheds through an investigative demonstration. The Enviroscape® is designed to break down the main contributors to water pollution and how they affect the ecosystem we live in. The model additionally creates space for students to explore management practices to prevent this pollution from occurring.

  • Our classroom presentations are designed to last 45-55 minutes. If booking for multiple classes in a day, please plan accordingly for each period.