“6PPD-quinone update: The most Toxic Chemical ever seen in the Aquatic Environment

6PPD-quinone (6PPD-Q) update
A chemical found in vehicle tires kills coho salmon and other fish has come under intense worldwide investigation ever since reseachers in the Puget Sound isolated the singular compound three years ago. The chemical 6PPD-quinone (6PPD-Q) was virtually unknow until its isolation in 2020 and is now recognized as one of the most toxic chemicals ever seen in the aquatic environment. Full Article

How you can help:
There is a bill in front of the Washington State legislature that would require tire manufacturers to rapidly implement a safe replacement for 6PPD, the preservative in tires that then becomes 6PPD-Q.  You can easily comment on the bill at SB 5931.  Help save our very own coho!

Dying Coho
Dying Coho