Become a FISH member today!

This fall is a perfect time to re-up your Friends of Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (FISH) membership. Your subscription:

1. Supports for educational programs and workshops, on salmon conservation and habitat restoration.
2. Opportunities to participate in hands-on activities like fish tagging and monitoring.
3. Network with like-minded individuals passionate about preserving salmon populations.
4. Provides early access to the FISHop Gift Shop.
5. Get Invited to member-only events, such as guided insider tours and salmon release ceremonies.
6. Receive regular updates on hatchery happenings, latest research and advancements in local salmon conservation.
7. Volunteer opportunities to contribute to the hatchery’s efforts in raising and releasing healthy salmon.
8. Provides access to limited release merchandise
9. Grants satisfaction of knowing you are actively contributing to the preservation of a vital species.
10. Supports a sense of community and belonging among fellow members who share a common interest in salmon conservation.