Steven Holland

Steve Holland is delighted to serve on the FISH board and feels that it is all our responsibility to pay it forward for the next generation (especially his daughters who love to fish) to keep the salmon coming home.  He has been volunteering in multiple roles at the hatchery for the last two years and feels more can be done to educate and build towards the future – together as a community.

Steve learned how to fish in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with his Dad, uncles, and cousins for Muskie, Northern Pike, Coho, and Steelhead.  Since then, he has fished around the world from New Zealand to Russia, but Chinook remains his favorite.  Steve launches out of both Edmonds and Point Roberts Marina with his Grady-White.

Steve is quasi-retired and is a recovering Chief Information Officer for multiple Fortune 100 companies.  Since he still loves technology, he has found himself helping startup companies in Bellevue and San Francisco get launched and provides enterprise “Crisis CIO” help when needed.