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Support FISH today

Support the important educational and outreach work that FISH is doing to ensure our iconic salmon return for generations to come. Your support enables FISH staff to bring salmon education into classrooms and schools, coordinate hatchery educational tours, and inspire youth leadership opportunities through internships. The staff is also able to coordinate habitat stewardship projects at the hatchery.

Yearly Membership


  • 15% Discount to Summer Camps & Discount FISHOP Gift Shop
  • Free Personalized hatchery tour
  • Vinyl FISH sticker or polarized viewing glasses
  • Tax deduction — FISH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; part of your membership is tax deductible


“FISH membership gives me the incomparable satisfaction of supporting the best Northwest environmental education and advocacy work that preserves and share our precious natural heritage.”

“It is a thrill to share my love of anadromous fish with the public and my fellow FISH members. Membership feeds my need to constantly learn – those opportunities grow every week. I greatly enjoy working directly with the fish.”

“Being a FISH member allows me to meet and associate with people who care about salmon and the over all environment. Being a volunteer at the hatchery is a wonderful experience allowing me to educate visitors and explain the salmon lifecycle.”