Kokanee Celebration!

Today members of third and fourth grade classes from Issaquah Valley, Blackwell, and Arrowhead elementary schools joined us at Confluence Park for a day of education, restoration, and fun! Under the auspices of the Kokanee Work Group, participants included FISH, the Snoqualmie Cultural Department, Mountains to Sound Greenway, Trout Unlimited, Triangle Associates, City of Sammamish, City of Issaquah, Mid-sound Fisheries, US Fish and Wildlife, Gibson Ek High School, and concerned citizens. Students learned about invasive weed removal, mulching, salmon anatomy, river dynamics, traditional rope and net-making, water quality stewardship, and how to toss kokanee into culverts. We were also honored to share songs with the drummers from the Snoqualmie Tribe and Chief Andy. Thanks to everyone who made this day a success students will remember for a long time!