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Every fall the salmon return to Issaquah, and so, too, do thousands of young students and visitors, who come to see these magnificent fish return from their grueling journey at sea, to fight against the current and spawn in Issaquah Creek.

PreserveThe Issaquah hatchery is the most visited of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s hatcheries, with thousands of visitors every year. As the region grapples with change to the natural environment, FISH highlights the presence of salmon in Issaquah Creek to cultivate a sense of wonder about these remarkable fish.

We strive to tell the story of salmon here in such a way that fosters a natural, life-long commitment to their wellbeing.

“FISH champions the annual miracle of salmon in our fragile environment.” — FISH Mission

Now more than ever, FISH needs your help to help fish! We are committed to the important work of educating our young people and our citizens about our iconic Pacific salmon, the importance of clean watersheds, and the vital role our historic Issaquah Salmon Hatchery plays in sustaining our salmon population. With your help, we will continue to do so. Become a member or simply make a tax-deductible contribution today.

Our Online Learning Center

Explore our wonderful opportunities for learning about salmon right here — online! Start with our Quick Guide and step up to our Educator’s Guide to dive deeper into their remarkable world.

Our Quick Guide to Salmon

An introduction to the fascinating world of Pacific Northwest salmon. Learn about our five species of salmon, how they make their remarkable journey back home, and our series of “Cool Facts” which will challenge what you think you know about salmon. This is an excellent place to start your education.

Our Educator's Guide to Salmon

Ready for a deeper understanding of everything salmon?! Teachers and students third grade and above: we refer to this section of learning as “Salmon Units.” It is our excellent resource for your curriculum at home and at school.

Watch -- Salmon: A Miraculous Journey

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