A Parent’s Recommendation!

My daughter loved the camp. She asked me if the camp ran all week, and when I told her it did, she asked if she could go on the weekend, too. She really liked the games and being outside in the creek. She has wanted to be a marine biologist since she could talk so she knows quite a bit about fish, and she loves Salmon Days, so she knows quite a bit about the salmon life cycle. She learned about watersheds and enjoyed that. She also loved feeding the trout. She wants to attend again next year. The crafts were really great. Overall I would give the camp a 10, and I will recommend it to friends. Thanks for a great week!

Bring FISH to your science fair!No organization could ask for a more glowing recommendation than this one. We work hard to make sure that our summer camps are fun and educational but it really makes us feel good when we hear it directly from parents. We know the kids are having fun and learning to appreciate our amazing salmon. The real test of quality comes from parents who hear directly from their children about what they are learning, the games and activities that occupied their day and their eager response to the program.

Whether your child is 3 and just learning about the natural world around them or 11 and thinking more globally about human impact on our environment, our summer camp program provides the opportunity to explore, be creative and think holistically. Playing outdoors in the summer sun is a time honored tradition of childhood. Why not expose your child to the wonders of our amazing salmon and the role they play in expanding our understanding of our watershed, at the same time?

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