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Welcome to the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery

Issaquah Salmon Hatchery Protecting our salmon and ensuring their survival for futre generations through education, advocacy and outreach.


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(+425) 392 1118

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125 W Sunset Way
Issaquah WA, 98027

  As the Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary, we are taking a look back at the people and the activities that brought about the formation and development of this unique organization and partnership. Click here

FISH also made a special limited edition commemorative pin to celebrate the anniversary, Sockeye level members will be gifted this pin. For more information: click here 

FISH offers a myriad educational programs that teach about Pacific slamon, watershed functions and hatchery operations. To book a salmon life cycle classroom presentation and see a salmon up close CLICK

Welcome to the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery!

The miracle of the salmon cycle affects all of us! The Issaquah Salmon Hatchery welcomes over 100,000 visitors a year. The family friendly, outdoor education center is located 15 miles east of Seattle along the I90 corridor & nestled against the Cascade mountains. The hatchery raises chinook, coho and kokanee salmon. The campus is free to the public, family friendly, and outdoors.  

We partner in Salmon Recovery, Outreach & Education

As a non-profit, Friends of Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (FISH) conducts educational school tours, presents salmon in classrooms and  advocates on behalf of salmon in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Educational Opportunities for students and teachers
  • Self guided hatchery tours start at the aquarium room and take about 45-90 minutes.
  • The hatchery is an outdoor education center that features a viewing bridge, life-cycle aquarium, Fish Gift shop, fish ladder, viewing windows, community rain garden, native plant garden & 37 interactive educational displays.

Latest Fish News

Spawning Statistics 2023

Chinook (King) Spawn

Spawned: 1795                                                         
Trapped: 5534                                                          
Eggs taken: 3.57 million                                       
Adults released upstream: 101                   

Coho (silver) Spawn

Spawned: 1057
Trapped: 11,000
Eggs taken: 1,065,000
Adults released upstream: 3,271
Adults released in other streams: 2624
Total released: 5,895

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