Spring Project: Wetlands Restoration

Spring Project Report: Wetlands Restoration

In 2023, FISH volunteers determined that the wetland ‘rain garden’ was suffering drought from a damaged irrigation. The plan consisted of maintaining the original design with some subtle changes to the drainage and irrigation. Green Issaquah and The Grange Supply visited to assist with determining the plan of action and offered native plants to fill in gaps. The broken irrigation line was a priority. With assistance from Lakeside industries, the wetland was encircled with a one foot trench, allows the water vault to set in, with a perforated pipeline multiple points of flow into the wetlands. Lakeside industries also supplied a large amount of drainage rock which was used to level out the perforated line and cover the trenched area. Now that the groundwork is completed repairing the water pump remains the final step to restoring the wetland and bringing it back into a natural water filter of the abatement ponds. Keep the salmon coming home!
Gary Fish