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Salmon Viewing in Issaquah Mark


Salmon are truly iconic to the City of Issaquah. The fish are represented in local culture, heritage and arts and featured in local business & organization names, logos (including the city) and public art. At the center of the Fall (late August through November) salmon run is the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery. FISH staff and volunteer docent lead guided (booked and walkup tours) or visitors can take themselves on a self-guided tour. The hatchery also hosts free events such as the Salmon on Sunset Celebration & Salmon Days Festival. Both draw crowds & the FISHop gift shop is open weekends offering souvenirs, gifts, eco-toys local and native artist wear. 

Built in 1936, the hatchery raises Chinook (King) & Coho (Silver) salmon that return through Lake Sammamish and up Issaquah Creek during the fall salmon run. From various viewpoints around the city visitors and residents can enjoy watching the adult salmon making their way back to the hatchery. The map below recommends good spots to watch the miraculous salmon journey.

Salmon Viewing in Issaquah Where to see the Salmon Run