Jonathan KosharProfessionally, Jonathan is a finance and operations consultant with The Broad Reach Group. He helps large and small companies with everything from mergers and acquisitions to funding startups. Personally, Jonathan is passionate about Issaquah’s schools and students. He has participated in the last two Issaquah School District Bond Committees and the most recent Levy Committee. He is also active in supporting Gibson Ek High School as a parent and PTA member as well as a volunteer for a variety of school activities. Jonathan is an adult leader in the Boy Scouts and is very involved with leading activities with Troop 636 in Issaquah. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hiking, camping and skiing with his wife Lauren and son Theodore. His love of FISH was born out of helping his son with an Eagle Scout project that benefited FISH financially and enhanced the hatchery grounds.

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